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Enterprise WordPress solutions

At Super Interactive we have a strong preference for building things with WordPress, and we are quite the pioneers in the implementation of WordPress for large organizations. Products we have created range from large news sites and multisite networks to campaign sites, corporate blogs and intranets.

WordPress is a versatile and extremely sophisticated CMS, that can be used as a technical base for a great variety of purposes. The websites we create serve milions of visitors every month. Products for our clients are professionally developed and continously maintained.

WordPress consultancy

In addition to development services, Super Interactive also offers WordPress consultancy. Wether you are still researching if WordPress is the right platform for your business, or already working on implementing it, our extensive knowledge of WordPress will help you speed up the process and avoid common pitfalls.

Our focus is not just on the technical issues at hand; we also take all other aspects of your business into account. Super Interactive understands that your organization is not just about technology.

Professional WordPress services we provide

  • Development of professional WordPress sites
  • (Responsive) WordPress theme design
  • WordPress theme interaction design
  • WordPress development for high-traffic websites
  • Custom WordPress theme development
  • Custom WordPress plugin development
  • Development WordPress links (Web, API, CRM, etc.)
  • WordPress development for mobile websites
  • Intranet on WordPress
  • WordPress Webshop / Woocommerce implementation
  • WordPress optimization


Our office is located in the beautiful and inspiring "Spiegelkwartier" art district in Amsterdam. This is right in the center of the city, but it is relatively easy to reach by car. There is a parking facility right on the corner.

Photo D66: CC BY-SA Sebastiaan ter Burg