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About Us

At Super Interactive we have made it our mission to help startups and established organisations bring their products and services into the digital world successfully.

We are not just about drawing interfaces and writing code. Truly connecting with users means creating digital stories by designing great user-interaction that is friendly and durable. Whilst on the other end business goals need to be met as well.

Helping you create a product that holds the perfect balance between your goals and those of your users is exactly what we are great at.

A solid design needs a smart business strategy as a foundation. So we put a lot of effort into completely understanding your business, problems and ambitions.

You may have to answer some uncomfortable questions, but you will learn that our value has many layers.

There is always room for improvement, so we like working in iterations. After designing and implementing improvements, the next step is always to analyse their impact and learn how to make the product even better.

Realising that our technical mumbo jumbo might be confusing at times, we respect that you know your business and users better than anyone. As you share your insights from your line of work, we teach you about how to do things in the digital world.

Drop us a line and let's explore the possibilities of working together.

Enterprise WordPress solutions

We use WordPress as the technical basis of many of our projects, and we have been doing so since 2006. Through the years we have developed a particular expertise in the creation of complex websites and web-apps that run on WordPress or WordPress Multisite.

The products we create and maintain range from large news sites and multisite networks to campaign sites, corporate blogs and intranets.

Learn more about the products we built using WordPress


Super Interactive is a team of product minded people. Decades in the field have provided us with strong experience in strategy, design and development.

Bastiaan van Dreunen

Founder, Product Director

A true digital all-rounder. Bastiaan has thorough experience with the conceptual, technical and business aspects of creating digital products. He is resourceful and always eager to learn.

Thuc Banh

Creative partner

A sharp mind and gifted creative. Thuc's background as an award winning Art-Director has given him a deep understanding of value, which he is now unleashing upon the digital world.

Arden de Raaij


Versatile, detail-oriented and service-minded. Arden is a master in the front-end development field, and equipped with a highly developed sense for quality.

Thomas Mills


Skilled, light–footed and communicative. Thomas is a full-stack developer and an expert in the technical aspects of building and maintaining digital products.

Raymond Sanders

Junior Designer

Talented and insightful. Raymond is the go-to guy for fresh ideas and new angles. He has an extraordinary feel for interaction and information structure.

Jarno Verhoogt

Developer (intern)

Jarno is a Communication and Multimedia Design student currently doing an internship at Super Interactive to sharpen his skills as a front-end developer.

Interested in joining the team?

Feel free to contact us on career opportunities. Please forgive us if it takes a while before we reply. We get a lot of requests and try to give every application the attention it deserves.

Include a CV if you can, but definitely include some work examples.


Our office is located in the beautiful and inspiring "Spiegelkwartier" art district in Amsterdam. This is right in the center of the city, but it is relatively easy to reach by car. There is a parking facility right on the corner.

Photo D66: CC BY-SA Sebastiaan ter Burg